Equitable Pathways to Breast Cancer Care Initiative

Since 2020, Ellie Fund has been crafting its Equitable Pathways to Breast Cancer Care Initiative. “Equitable Pathways” is designed to identify and serve more of the women and men who face barriers to accessing care, which leads to missed appointments, treatment delays, and worsened health outcomes.

Ellie Fund will work towards its goals through four identified ‘pathways’:

  • Community Health Center (CHC) Referral Programs creating partnerships with all 52 CHCs in Massachusetts where many targeted patients are initially diagnosed
  • Clinical Trials offering Ellie Fund services in clinical trial recruitment to increase access and encourage diversity
  • Expanded Hospital Collaborations introducing new and “upstream” patient access points to Ellie Fund services
  • Self-Referral Platform helping patients overcome cultural and privacy barriers; empowering patients to connect directly with Ellie Fund

In Phase One of the initiative which is ongoing through 2024, Ellie Fund is focused on fundraising to meet the following goals:

  • Increase patient population
  • Increase patient population diversity
  • Create a patient self referral system
  • Establish new and diverse referral partners

If you want to learn more about the initiative please contact Nekia Clark, Director of Patient Services and Outreach at Nekia@elliefund.org