Patient Spotlights



My name is Lauren and I was a recipient of an Ellie Fund Grant. I was able to get grocery gift cards and pre portioned meals.  The gift cards were awesome to have for everything my family of 4 needed, and I was able to choose the grocery store that worked best for me making it super convenient. I also got prepared dinners that were delivered to my house. All I had to do was cook them with the simple instructions enclosed and my husband, kids and I had a terrific home cooked meal, that was so easy, especially when I wasn’t feeling well.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer, is hard enough, throw in being diagnosed during a pandemic and everything changes! It was very difficult to go through surgery and treatments all while feeling alone because I couldn’t have anyone accompany me to the appointments. Luckily my amazing family and friends were always waiting for me. I was also incredibly lucky to have the Ellie Fund help me during this difficult time. I am feeling better every day and I will always be grateful to the Ellie Fund for helping me during this time in my life! “