Patient Spotlights



Megan was 32 years old with two young children at home when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like many women, her priority was not her health, it was maintaining a sense of normalcy for her children. “I thought, how am I going to keep everything from falling apart,” shared the cancer survivor.

Ellie Fund was there to help her keep it all together.

Megan was lucky enough to be assigned a social worker at her oncology office that was familiar with Ellie Fund. “Help just showed up in the mail for us,” recounted Megan. With Ellie Fund’s support, she did not have to worry about cleaning the house or the cost of gas for treatment of Cape.

As a way to give back and spread the word about Ellie Fund, Megan brought together her employer, Everleigh Cape Cod and five other Cape Cod women-owned businesses for the first annual “Pink Hearts Campaign.” Supporters bought paper hearts for $5 that were then displayed at these businesses. Everleigh also hosted a community walk and craft fair. The caring and committed group of women, led by Megan, raised more than $3,500 for Ellie Fund.

“Megan’s experience is one we hear again and again. Women are natural care takers. Often our patients have children at home or are caring for aging parents or spouses. Their own health isn’t the priority until all of sudden it needs to be,” explained Ellie Fund Executive Director, Meredith Mendelson. “Ellie Fund is here to lessen the load on breast cancer patients – men and women – and allow them the space they need to heal,” Mendelson added.